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How To Install Android L Preview Right Now

How To Install Android L Preview Right Now These files include the device image itself and the routines required to install it. Open this platform-tools folder in File Explorer, hold down Shift and right-click inside it. Choose Open command news window here from the menu to bring up the command prompt. Type adb devices and hit Enter to see if your Nexus device is available if nothing is shown under the list of attached devices, you've gone wrong somewhere. Retrace your steps to troubleshoot the problem, checking drivers, USB debugging and USB mode. If your device is shown, switch it off then hold down the power and volume down buttons to get it into bootloader mode (which will show a list of device specs and an open Android robot on the screen). Alternatively, type adb reboot bootloader to do the same job. This mode gives us access to the system software, but the device still needs unlocking, unless you've gone through the process beforetype fastboot oem unlock to do this. You'll need to confirm your decision on the device itself, signalling your intention to live on the cutting edge of Android development.

Original article here: http://fieldguide.gizmodo.com/how-to-install-android-l-preview-right-now-1599055870/+barrett

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